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Kelly Anne Howard Artistic Apparel & Designs

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Hi, and welcome to Kelly Anne Howard Apparel!  This is a place to find an original, artistic t shirt or make your own!  This is an extremely FUN site!  Not only is it laden with awesome eye candy everywhere you look but it's interactive at almost every corner as well!  If you see a shirt you like, click on it and choose between a range of color options...  watch the shirt come to life in realtime as you ponder the best fit for you.  

There are many links around here to help you make your OWN designs!  Upload your own pictures or designs and make a special shirt or coffee mug truly made to order!  I highly encourage creativity wherever it lives so I'm even more pleased to announce Cut Up Strips, an interactive comic maker!!!  Upload an image or search the web, make it pretty, come up with a joke and arrange it all in minutes...  highly addictive and not all!  The final fun-maker is an image accessorizer I'm naming Ms. Sweetpotato Head.  You can add oodles and oodles of wild and wacky things to create your own hackjob and have a blast with your friends; or you could take your time and create a masterpiece, and fingersteps away you have an original work of art on something you wear out to express yourself.  How cool is that?!  

 ...helpful hint-  If cost is a concern check to see if printing on a WHITE shirt would be cheaper...


Unique art

  • sunset  - Long-sleeve T-Shirt
    • sunset - Long-sleeve T-Shirt
  • sunset  - 100% Cotton Tee
    • sunset - 100% Cotton Tee
  • sunset  - Sweat Shirt
    • sunset - Sweat Shirt
  • sunset  - Toddler T Shirt
    • sunset - Toddler T Shirt
  • sunset  - Baby Bibs
    • sunset - Baby Bibs
  • sunset  - 100% Cotton One Piece
    • sunset - 100% Cotton One Piece
  • sunset  - Infant Lap-Shoulder Tee
    • sunset - Infant Lap-Shoulder Tee
  • moonscape in orange mustard - Long-sleeve T-Shirt
  • moonscape in orange mustard - Sweat Shirt
  • moonscape in orange mustard - Baby Bibs
  • moonscape in orange mustard - 100% Cotton One Piece
  • Disturbed - 100% Cotton Tee
    • Disturbed - 100% Cotton Tee

What's out there

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